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【Course Notice】: Online "Food Inspection Laboratory Quality Control" course
  • Course Title: "Quality Control of Food Inspection Laboratory"

  • Course content:  Quality Management System, Chemical Analysis Quality Control, Microbiological Inspection Quality Control, Uncertainty of Analytical Chemistry, Challenges of Food Analysis and Inspection

  • Course release date:  2021.07.19 ~ 23

  • Course viewing deadline:  2021.07.26

  • Course Fees :  110 Annual valid individual & group members $1,000/person; non-members $5000/person​

  • organizer Taiwan Association of Public Analytical Scientists, National Taiwan University Institute of Food Technology, National Taiwan University Partner School in the Field of Food Technology Industry Innovation



  • This course must be registered online. The Association reserves the right to explain all relevant information about this course.

  • For the information provided by the registration, the association will abide by the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law and fulfill the responsibility for data security maintenance.

  • For questions about courses and registration, please contact us.  


        Email:aoactaiwan@gmail.com_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

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